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band name
"Americana — Bluegrass Re-Imagined"

3 Play Ricochet Music

3 Play Ricochet played on the Market Stage of Crossroads in Bellevue, WA on September 1st of 2018. Here are seven songs from that performance.

3 Play Ricochet played a set at Kenyon Hall on April 20th of 2013
and someone in the audience recorded it all on a pocket videocamera...
Now Peter has those 13 songs on his SoundCloud page.


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3 Play Ricochet on Video

We're learning how to play together apart during the 2020 pandemic. This recording was created from separate cellphone videos of each of us playing our parts.

3 Play Ricochet play a Bill Monroe instrumental at the C & P Coffee Company.


3 Play Ricochet play "I Don't Love Nobody" at the NW Folklife Festival on 5/26/18>.


3 Play Ricochet sing a song from the Bad Boy of Bluegrass at The Couth Buzzard.


1. If I Lose 5. Kentucky Mandolin 9. Mango Moon
2. Train That I Ride 6. Deep Elem Blues 10. Busted
3. Hold Whatcha Got 7. When I Get Home 11. Some Old Day
4. I've Just Seen a Face 8. Hit Parade of Love 12. Tossing and Turning

Links to YouTube videos of a set performed at The Couth Buzzard


Half of a 3 Play Ricochet YurtCert (Yurt house conCert) set in Seattle. 2/18/2018.
The second half is here


3 Play Ricochet sing about Dallas, Texas at the old Green Bean Coffeehouse.


3 Play Ricochet sing about the agony of love at Sliders Cafe in Carnation, WA.

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